Video Animation Services:


Lion and sun, a company that makes animated videos, helps businesses make their content stand out and take their social media and marketing to the next level. We pay attention to our customers’ wants and create animated videos that appeal to them. It only takes 60 seconds for us to show that your product or service meets the needs of your target market and show that your brand is more trustworthy than your competitors.

Our animation video service can help you make complicated topics about your products and services easier to understand, or you can use it to teach your employees or clients. Moreover, Lion’s, a video animation company, helps businesses make more money, which leads to more growth. If you need help with video animation, we are your one-stop-shop.

The Lion and Sun make high-quality animations with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop tools. Our team works together to stay up to date on the best animation techniques and trends so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. 3D video and explainer video, whiteboard animation, animation with 2D characters, and other animations can be outsourced to us. We offer the best animation services, from the storyboard to the final video.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Lions provide the best video animation services. They combine high-quality animations with professional editing skills, fun effects, and various animation styles.

Animation 2D:

Lion and sun can make 2D animations that fit your story, products, and script. They can also produce spirits that aren’t 2D but are still good. This is what we do: We make 2D animated videos that are unique and can be made to match or change your brand and also communicate your message.

3D Animation Service:

Lion makes 3D animated videos that experts make. Products can be animated, visualized, stopped, and rendered by these companies. The animation service providers create for you will be appealing to your target audience while staying within your budget and time frame.

Cartoon Animation Is A Type Of Art:

High-quality animation software can make dull content come to life. Our imaginative cartoons show unique expressions, body movements, and also emotions to keep viewers interested.

Animation With Motion Graphics:

Businesses need to know how to use colour in their marketing. Lion and sun know this. So we make each script look and move visually appealing and captivating. Those who watch it will amaze.

Animation That Is Based On Real-Life Events:

Sun is known for making videos that tell stories about real people and contain real people in the videos. In addition, we make live-action explainer videos with 2D or 3d animation service providers to cut down on long explanations.

Animation Of A Whiteboard:

We make whiteboard animations that are educational and eye-catching to help you sell your product or brand. Our whiteboard animations are great for illustrating complicated ideas with animated characters, whether you’re using them for business marketing or to show how something works in a video.

An Animated Explainer Video:

Videos make clear and informative explainer videos. We turn complicated subjects into simple animations. In addition, we want to make explainer videos that show the essence of your brand, which will help you make more money and get more customers.

Animation On The Screen:

Videos make animated screencast videos that show how your mobile app, website, software, or platform works. We can also help you make your brand stand out by ensuring your screenshots, audio narrations, and animations are perfect.

The Service Animation Of Typography:

Lion and sun combine text and movement that communicates ideas and makes people feel something. Moreover, this method adds artistic elements to any project, like music videos, websites, mobile apps, commercials, etc. It can also use for other things.