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No matter what, graphic design has always been a field of deep admiration and a huge inspiration to many professionals and there is so much to expect in the near future. We’ve made deep research to spot the rise in several particular trends that are expected to boom this year.

Emerging graphic design trends of 2020 are:

3D depth and realism

The 3D trend reached at the high hits in 2019 and it certainly won’t fade away so quickly. Modern technology and software capabilities have created a lot of opportunities, in 2020. Therefore,  we’ll keep expecting more awesome 3D graphic design compositions. Moreover, in order to drive more creativity, designers will often correlate it with other realities, such as photos and 2-dimensional objects.

Going monochrome

Lately, we’ve been observing a tendency of graphic and web designers using a monochromatic color effect on images. Do you remember the duotone craze from graphic design trends 2017? It turns out, the trend has now completely turned into an even more simplified version. A monochrome color filter is most commonly used on photos or partial elements in the graphic composition.

Shiny metals

Using metallic materials in graphic design has given rise to an ultra-trendy idea for branding identity and product design. In general, this trend requires a mitigated overall design, since the focus is centered on the metallic effect itself. We’re observing that the designers mostly use gold as it signifies luxury, class, and good taste. Another way to create the metallic effect is by using shiny surfaces over matte surfaces in any color. Branding specialists combine this trend with relief engraving to create a more elegant metallic effect that is majorly used for brand identity physical materials such as business cards.

Typography craze

In order to embrace more innovative and modern compositions, designers are utilizing typography to create a long-lasting design impression. Figuratively and literally, this trend is consistently flourishing in 2020.Decorated with beautiful flowers, geometric shapes, and more creative elements, artistic typography certainly provides the perfect solution to nail the attention. Combined with the maxi typography trend from graphic design trends from 2019, artistic typography in 2020 will really stand ahead of the rest. Speaking of maxi typography, the trend has certainly proved as a lasting one and we’ll keep expecting more of it. In fact, in 2020 maxi typography will be so massively utilized by the designers will split the words into multiple lines.

Image and text masking

Image and text masking isn’t a new methodology to the design industry but it still looks quite modern and trendy in 2020. As it leaves a huge pace for the image behind unrevealed, it helps create a mysterious and minimalist look. In 2020, designers will keep composing image and text masking with maxi typography for the latter in order to obtain the desired effect.

Line art

The trend of outline typography and elements which have been quiet significant during 2018 and 2019 is now emerging into fully illustrated and animated line art patterns and designs. In its essence, line art is a schematic and analyzed illustration style. As such, it is a great medium to represent concepts and ideas. It looks clean, elegant, and unobtrusive. Line art is one of the most preferred decoration styles in graphic design trends in 2020.

Collages of drawings and photos

We’ve been witnessing a quiet innovative and creative trend in graphic design which reminds us of the drawings we used to draw on our notebooks in school, i.e. doodling. Doodling has initialized as a fun trend in the world of illustration but it swiftly became such a hit that we see it on designs all over the web. When doodles are used in graphic design, it helps to achieve a more informal, personalized, handcrafted, and overall fun feeling of the composition.

Simplified illustrations

Using illustrations is not new for the designing world. In fact, designers often incorporate illustrations to deliver concepts and ideas that can communicate messages better. Simple illustrations will be a top choice in the upcoming designing trends of 2020.


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